Spring 1996 – The band venture into the studio once again. They slavishly hammer out ten tracks in a day and a half, stopping only once for sustenance. Such is the solidarity and blind vision of Scaramanga. The band start to appear more and more in local scenes – always besuited, always dark and aggressive. They manage to trick their way onto the bill of one of Leeds Sound City’s fringe events. Calvert leaves due to musical indifference and commitments abroad.

Summer 1996 – The band needs a new scaramangress. Without one, the group might not be able to leave practice rooms without succumbing to laddish behavior and utter drunkenness. A call goes out to high society and is answered enegmatically by JULIA ARNEZ. She has a lot to offer – looks, style, voice and songs. She drags the boys out of the quagmire and gets them fighting fit for another assault on local ears. They also do another tape entitled ‘Big Themes and Incidental Music’


Winter 1996 – Scaramanga record ‘Stereo Car Chase’. Line up: ARNEZ – Vocals, Drums, BAILEY – Guitar, BOWDEN – Drums, GULLIVER – Organ, Piano, P. MORRICONE – Vocals, Guitar, Sax, S. MORRICONE – Vocals, Bass. Now realising the glamour and intensity they knew they always had in them, the band go to London for the first time and experience the misery and torment of playing to Londoners.


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