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PHANTOM HEAD released 2013

For our 2012/13 recorded output, we decided on the hugely ambitious task of making a pilgrimage to Chicago, Illinois to work with the world’s greatest engineer, Mr Steve Albini at his legendary Electrical Audio studios. Not only that, but for Phantom Head, we bolstered our line-up to be the first sextet in years with the addition of former Six colleagues, Stephen ‘Stuffy’ Gilchrist on second drums and Gentleman James Kenosha on piano. The whole album was recorded more or less live onto 2″ tape. The end result is a much barer arrangement than our usual dense layering, but has all the brutality and aural honesty that is associated with the ‘Albini sound’.

TROUBLE – released 2011

This is the second single from Cursed – go to the Video page to see the memorable video that goes with it. 

CURSED – released 2011

This is our ‘magnum hopeless’ – an album with a tragic back story where we went hell for leather with everything. Features many squeaky brass and silky string flourishes as well as guest contribution from New York troubadour, Thomas Truax playing amongst other things his famous Hornicator and ‘Dracula’s Eyeball’. The story of this record is one of bloody mindedness in the face of adversity (actually, that’s the story of all our records) – we started it back in 2006 whilst still finishing off ‘The Dance of Death’ with our dear friend Sir Tim Smith down at his Wiltshire cottage studio. Having chipped away at the recordings for a couple of years, we were just getting to the mixing stages when Tim fell seriously ill with a near-fatal cardiac arrest & stroke whilst out at a My Bloody Valentine gig. To this day, he remains in hospital care and we continue to pray in our own atheistic way for his recovery. We couldn’t get to the recordings we had started with Tim, so decided it would be insensitive to press the issue – we would come back to it all one day. In 2010, we decided to start the whole lot from scratch again, this time in Sheffield with the mighty Alan Smyth. The album took 14 days to record and mix, spread out over a few months – we had practice! The only recording that remains from the original sessions with Tim is ‘Walking Through Houses’, which we felt needed to stay as it was.

AUTOPSY OF THE MIND – released 2011

Free single taken from ‘Cursed’ which dissects a failed relationship in CSI:Huddersfield style. Please help yourself…


A compilation of some of the more popular favourites from our first 5 albums – should serve as a tasty appetizer for full back-catalogue gluttony. Remember – the first taste is always free! Go on, fill yer boots…

SONGS OF PREY – released 2009

Written and recorded/mixed in about 6 months at the end of 2008 with Gentleman James Kenosha, this one is possibly our most nasty and beautiful set of songs. Many hold this one up as their favourite.


We went into a small studio in Leeds a couple of times to record ‘live’ sets – this album compiles the two sessions into a mammoth slew of furious versions from our live repertoire. Took 2 days in total to record & mix. We went on to send these out to radio stations as pre-recorded ‘sessions’ and amazingly, some stations played them.

THE DANCE OF DEATH – released 2007

Some would say this is our most up-front and ‘pop’ record. Others would say it’s the most skull-crushing rock album we’ve done, whereas yet some more have lost their voices due to sheer awe. No.2 with Tim and by this point, we’re cooking with gas.

CABIN FEVER – released 2004

Our first record recorded by the legendary Cardiacs frontman, and childhood hero of us all, Sir Tim Smith. This album was a real coming of age for us – a stake in the ground to stop pissing about and get on with the business of mind-flaying musical mayhem. The end result is probably the most intense record we’ve made. A gruelling ordeal to get to the end, but ultimately worth it.

STRIKE! UP THE BAND – released 2002

Slimmed down to a more muscular 4 or 5-piece (depending on the day of the week), we went for a more aggressive, ‘balls-out’ punk rock sound for this period. Again, this album is a compilation of several sessions with various engineers.


This ‘Low budget thriller’ signifies our first foray into long-players. An hour long, it catalogues the best of several sets of tempestuous recordings during our early and very self-destructive 6-piece phase. A lot more lo-fi than later recordings, but you get the idea..