Our new album is now available through the website and it looks something like this:

Terrifying Dream front coverTake a trip to our shop by clicking here and you can buy the album, as well as the three EPs (each with three exclusive tracks), a tote bag, and our stylish new Batface shirt in not one, not two, not four but THREE colours.

We think you will agree, as you fumble for your credit card, that there is something for absolutely everyone.  Happy shopping!

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PledgeMusic update/Pure Rawk victory

We come bearing some excellent news….

First of all, an update on the PledgeMusic campaign for the funding of our brand new album & accompanying EP releases over the next few months. The big news is that down to YOUR support, we managed to hit 100% of our funding target within only 16hrs of the Pledge campaign starting at 00:00 on the 1st of March.

To say that we were overwhelmed by the response is an understatement. This is a huge vote of confidence for us and the faith you have shown in our little pop group is both humbling and invigorating. In this, our twentieth year, we are rejuvenated and more willing to rock than ever before. In real terms, this means that we are now completely able to honour our commitments and promises – we have secured enough funding to pay for the rest of the recording/mixing/mastering as well as the manufacturing for the CD releases, T-shirts and DVDs.

But it doesn’t stop here – it’s actually early days for the campaign. The album release is not due until the middle of June – until then, we are continuing to accept your pledges. The more we can raise, the more justice we can do this album release with promotion etc, and it may also enable us to add further exclusives to the pot. It is also important to remember that this album (and all the other exclusives) will not be available through more traditional channels (shops, iTunes, our website etc) until long after all our Pledges have been delivered. Exclusive means exclusive – that is how this exciting PledgeMusic platform works.

If you have already added your pledge, we offer you our sincerest gratitude. For those of you yet to investigate this, here is a reminder where you need to go:

Delivery of the first EP release, ‘The Eye & Skin Machine’, will commence in the next couple of weeks. This first release will include four exciting new tracks:

1. Out Of My Tiny Mind
2. Rule of Thumb
3. Lukewarm
4. Pulling Teeth From a Phantom Head

We’ve made a Paul-tastic new promo video for the lead track to enable you to get a juicy taste of our finished new material:

The second piece of good news is our success at the PURE RAWK Awards, which took place in London last Friday evening. Again, down to YOUR wonderful support, we managed to scoop two out of the three awards in which we were nominated. We were the dumbfounded and gracious winners of:

‘AXE HERO OF THE YEAR’ – for Paul Morricone
‘VIDEO OF THE YEAR’ – For ‘I Will Crush Your Heart’

The full list of winners can be found here:

There was certainly a dominance of the whole thing by artists from our home region of West Yorkshire too, with multiple wins in other categories by our contemporaries Eureka Machines & Tropical Contract and Mikey Shiraz from the mighty Parish venue in Huddersfield. So, a great year for Yorkshire it seems.

The only thing that gives us as much satisfaction as rock action, is the ability to deliver GOOD NEWS to you. Long may it continue. We called for your allegiance and YOU rallied to our cause like a Game of Thrones style army.

We thank you once more,


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It is with great excitement and aplomb that we, THE SCARAMANGA SIX, in our twentieth year of existence can announce a plethora of brand new releases for 2015. Following a year of feverish recording sessions and creative mind-bending there now exists a rich glut of fresh new songs almost ready for your aural pleasure.

We can now reveal that our eighth studio album will be entitled ‘THE TERRIFYING DREAM’. This will be immediate and expansive at the same time, full of colour and arrangement all housed within dramatic pop sensibilities. Songs about the distortion of reality that are dreams and things that go bump in the night. Ever woken to find yourself transformed into a gigantic beetle? This is the album for you.

Prior to the long-player, a series of three EPs will also be released one after the other continuing on the same sleep-deprived theme. The first EP will be entitled ‘THE EYE AND SKIN MACHINE’ named after a recurring childhood nightmare suffered by Paul where he is chased by a revolving ball of flesh intent on absorbing him. EP no.2 will recall a similar infant dream that plagued the young Julia and will be named simply ‘WORM NECKLACE’. The final EP of the trilogy will urge the listener to snap back into reality and will be titled ‘THE SLEEPER MUST AWAKEN’.

All releases will be available through our very first PLEDGE campaign. You can help directly fund the release of our new album and EPs as well as gain access to new T-Shirts, freebies, a DVD compilation, great bundles of the back catalogue and a few surprise offerings. You can pledge your support to The Six in many ways and will become rich, not least with our undying thankfulness. Full details of what’s on offer will appear once the pledge campaign goes live on 01/03/15.

Full Schedule of releases:

01/03/15 – Pledge Campaign launches

13/03/15 – ‘THE EYE AND SKIN MACHINE’ EP released
13/04/15 – ‘WORM NECKLACE’ EP released
13/05/15 – ‘THE SLEEPER MUST AWAKEN’ EP released

13/06/15 – ‘THE TERRIFYING DREAM’ Album released

We thank you in advance for the undying support you show to the persistent noise mongering that is The Scaramanga Six. Through all things life throws at you one thing is apparent – rock and roll is the winner.

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Pure Rawk Awards – vote for The Six!

Quite amazingly, THE SCARAMANGA SIX have been nominated in several categories for this year’s mighty PURE RAWK AWARDS which celebrates all that is independent and rocking from the last 12 months.

We would dearly appreciate your support by voting for us by following this link:

And click on the ‘vote now’ button. You will need to complete the whole thing – there are about 20 categories to get through, but included in the nominations are loads of fantastic contemporaries of ours such as Eureka Machines, Tropical Contract, Mr Shiraz, The Dowling Poole etc. It seems it was a good year for the rock.

We’re down for:

Band of the Year
Axe Hero of the Year (Paul Morricone)
Video of the Year (I Will Crush Your Heart)

The award ceremony itself will be taking place on Friday 6th March at Boston Music Rooms, Tufnell Park London. Tropical Contact, Mr Shiraz and Chris Catalyst will be playing live – tickets are available here:
OK, thanks in advance!

That’s all for now, but some huge announcements will be made shortly concerning brand new releases, gigs etc – watch this space.

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Scenes of Mild Peril – OUT NOW

We bring you news of a brand new release by the band who torture from Yorkshire. While we’ve been busy beavering away on the next studio album, we have compiled a CD & DVD 2-disc set featuring 14 songs in both audio and visual format made from a pair of ‘in the studio’ live performances at Bridlington in Jan 2013 & London in April 2014.

Those of you familiar with the ‘Hot Flesh Rumble’ CD from a few years ago will know the score – a set of material that spans recent and older albums all performed with vim & vigour, warts & all. ‘Scenes of Mild Peril’ contains the first airing of 4 brand new songs amongst this arsenal of tunes, which may ultimately appear in more sophisticated form on the forthcoming studio album.

Go to our shop page to get your grubby mitts on a copy of the highly limited release.


1. The Stepford Bands
2. You Should Have Killed Me When You Had the Chance
3. Missing
4. Blunt Force Trauma
5. The Man Who Couldn’t Sing
6. Arabella
7. Seven Chances
8. I Can See a Murder
9. I Didn’t Get Where I am Today
10. Misadventure
11. Unclean
12. Pulling Teeth From a Phantom Head
13. I am the Rain
14. It’s Just a Matter of Time

This is actually The Scaramanga Six’s first foray into DVD release – there may be a video anthology released at some point in the near future, so keep your eye peeled and your ears pricked. It won’t work the other way round.

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GIGS coming up + other tidbits

A brief missive from the poison pen of The Scaramanga Six to inform you of a plethora of live performances coming up over the next few months. After a few ‘evilnings’ whereby we have sole control over the amount of aural punishment being dealt to the punters, we are honoured to have also been personally invited on a trio of special Halloween extravaganzas by the legend that is Ginger Wildheart and also a tourette of shows with our old bumchums/arch-enemies, Eureka Machines. Tickets are selling like the proverbial hot cakes for all of the Ginger/Eurekas dates, so please follow the links below to acquire yours – and remember, every one of them is a winner. Read to the bottom for all details and a few more morsels of info that may have you slavering….

The Heddon Valley Music & Beer Festival
Facebook page:
Festival entry: £5
Camping available – £30 per pitch, details and full line-up in the link above.

An evilning with THE SCARAMANGA SIX
Two sets of intrigue, mayhem and mystery….
Doors: 8pm
Price: £5 or so.

SATURDAY 11th OCTOBER – The Dog & Partridge, BOLTON
An evilning with THE SCARAMANGA SIX
Two sets of thrills, spills and chills…..
Doors: 8pm
Price: £?


Ginger Wildheart & Friends’ Extra-special Halloween Hootenanny, feat.
DJ’s Ginger Wildheart, Chris Catalyst, Rich Jones, Random Jon Poole
Facebook event:

Facebook event:

FRIDAY 14th NOVEMBER – Barfly, Camden, LONDON
Doors: 8pm
Price: £10
Facebook event:

Doors: 8pm
Price: £5.50 (adv), £8 (on the door)
Facebook event:

SATURDAY 22nd NOVEMBER – The Brudenell Social Club, LEEDS

When we play, we slay – and we would be overjoyed to be able to slay at a venue near you. We don’t have a booking agent and generally do shows that people ask us to do. Perhaps you could help set us up with one? – please get in touch.

Facebook community – Our Facebook page is gaining momentum and these days seems to be the place where all the action is regarding random outbursts, daft photos and exclusive live videos direct from the band. If you are not already a ‘liker’ of our page, we would like to invite you right now to go and add yourself to the number – please come and say hello, we may not bite. Facebook page is:

New release news – Finally, a brief mention of a couple of releases in the pipeline. First up, we have put the finishing touches to a new live-in-session album and DVD (in the same vane as the ‘Hot Flesh Rumble’ album we released a few years back, but with an extra disc featuring the visuals to go with the live performances). The new release will be called ‘Scenes of Mild Peril’ and will contain a set of 14 tracks plucked from the guts of our back catalogue plus 4 brand new ones! These live tracks were recorded through 2013-2014 at Bridlington and London. Release details will come to you very soon – will certainly be available at the forthcoming dates with Ginger/Eurekas.

Work is continuing in earnest on the next studio album – it is looking very likely that this will be a huge bloated double album with veerings into some unusual directions, lavish arrangements and more macabre intensity than we have achieved before. Watch this space for news of the release and accompanying campaign.

We thank you
The Scaramanga Six

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We’ve got a few shows coming up in the next few months, including three in November with our best friends/mortal enemies Eureka Machines. Tickets are on sale now and the London and Leeds gigs are already selling very quickly. Head over to the Appearances page for the full list…

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Sheffield Show Cancelled

We’re sorry to say that the gig at Penelope’s in Sheffield on Sunday 20th April has been cancelled. Muchos apologeticos to any of you planning a trip over to the city of steel to see us then. We’ll get another one scheduled for some time in the nearly furture – watch this space.

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The Scaramanga Six – News March 2014

Greetings from the poisoned pen of The Scaramanga Six.


First up, for all listeners new to the ways of The Six, a newly updated pay-what-you-like free compilation of our work can be found here:

Listen and download this compilation for free or pay what you like. Most importantly though, if you like what you hear tell more people about The Scaramanga Six and share. We rely on you good folk with excellent musical tastes to help us reach the uninitiated. Without your support we may as well stay locked away in a cupboard. Please post this link anywhere and everywhere you possibly can.


2014 has proved to be a fertile breeding ground for new material so far. The group have already started recording sessions for what will be the eighth studio album which is as yet untitled. Recording once again with the masterful Lord Alan Smythe of Sheffield (Cursed, 2011) at the controls, The Six are slowly piecing together the fragments of upwards of twenty new cuts. The cruel and claustrophobic conditions in which the band work has given rise to a working title of ‘Fritzl-style’ though a recent strenuous rehearsal has led to the batch of songs now being entitled ‘Sucking and Chucking’. The release date for this slew of work is not set as the band are still writing new things but all will become clear as the year drags on.


The Scaramanga Six have decided to appear for a few sporadic shows during April and May, often supporting themselves as a double-header. Here is a run-down of forthcoming appearances:

‘An EVILning with The Scaramanga Six’ – special double-set show

SATURDAY 12th APRIL – The Parish, HUDDERSFIELD – ‘Pure Rawk Venue of the Year 2013 winner!’
with Knuckle and The Orchid Family.

with support TBC

FRIDAY 25th APRIL – Brixton Hill Studios, Brixton LONDON
A very special and intimate studio show/party – all welcome, but let us know you are coming!

SATURDAY 17th MAY – The Fox and Newt, LEEDS
‘An EVILning with The Scaramanga Six’ – special double-set show

There are more gigs planned for the summer including one or two festival appearances. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and don’t stop watching this space – ever.


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Phantom Head crushes critics

The results are in from our recent press campaign around the new album, ‘PHANTOM HEAD’ and it seems that we have spanked the bottom of critics and offered a soothing balm to the raw buttocks of our plaudits. What the devil have they been saying, you may ask? Read on….

THE SUN said: “This self-styled evil pop-group persist in producing great albums that demand loudly – to be heard. 4/5”

VIBRATIONS said: “Must surely rank amongst their finest work to date”

SPLIZZ MAGAZINE said: “There are some dark sounding art rock songs that sound like Nick Cave crossed with The Editors”

DROWNED IN SOUND said: “A cult phenomenon of a band known for their thunderous flamboyant style of rock; and a relentless presence in the Leeds rock scene since the mid 90s”

THE QUIETUS said: “Another great album from a band that really deserve a much bigger audience”

LOUDER THAN WAR said: “The guitars are tight, the melodies are memorable and effective and the production is spot on”

PURE RAWK said: “Think bands like Magazine and Wire or even Bowie’s Berlin output with a fixation on death, murder and dystopia and you wouldn’t be far off the mark. Unsettling, but brilliant stuff”

UNPEELED said: “A top notch, modern rock record”

SOUNDSPHERE said: “The Scaramanga Six produce a sound which conveys similarities to The Stranglers at their best and vocals as powerful as Bowie back in the day”

CONTACT MUSIC said: “If you like your music somewhat dark and bizarre, Phantom Head has a great deal to offer you”

COUNTERFEIT MAGAZINE said: “Highly recommended”

ENTERTAINMENT FOCUS said: “After listening to the album, we can safely say that this album is one huge, often sad, dark and angry rant! And it’s something that we love.”

MY DAD ROCKS said: “It’s this kind of touch and skill, in both delivery and recording, that means this album rates highly amongst the swathe of indie rock offerings out recently”

ROOM 13 said: “Eclectic brilliance! 11/13”

BEAT 2 A CHORD said: “Hats off to them”

7 BIT ARCADE said: “While some bands falter with age, and some just fade away, there’s no such fate for the Morricones & Co., who simply go from strength to strength”

SLOUCHER said: “Fuck being subtle”

SOUNDBLAB said: “The album’s energy-levels are frequently manic, and you can positively feel the intelligence of its makers behind the riffs.”

What do you think? Send your comments in a stamped addressed envelope to: The Scaramanga Six Crawly-bumlick competition, PO BOX 66.6and a half, Nempnet Thrubwell. You could win a yacht or something.

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