Sheffield Show Cancelled

We’re sorry to say that the gig at Penelope’s in Sheffield on Sunday 20th April has been cancelled. Muchos apologeticos to any of you planning a trip over to the city of steel to see us then. We’ll get another one scheduled for some time in the nearly furture – watch this space.

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The Scaramanga Six – News March 2014

Greetings from the poisoned pen of The Scaramanga Six.


First up, for all listeners new to the ways of The Six, a newly updated pay-what-you-like free compilation of our work can be found here:

Listen and download this compilation for free or pay what you like. Most importantly though, if you like what you hear tell more people about The Scaramanga Six and share. We rely on you good folk with excellent musical tastes to help us reach the uninitiated. Without your support we may as well stay locked away in a cupboard. Please post this link anywhere and everywhere you possibly can.


2014 has proved to be a fertile breeding ground for new material so far. The group have already started recording sessions for what will be the eighth studio album which is as yet untitled. Recording once again with the masterful Lord Alan Smythe of Sheffield (Cursed, 2011) at the controls, The Six are slowly piecing together the fragments of upwards of twenty new cuts. The cruel and claustrophobic conditions in which the band work has given rise to a working title of ‘Fritzl-style’ though a recent strenuous rehearsal has led to the batch of songs now being entitled ‘Sucking and Chucking’. The release date for this slew of work is not set as the band are still writing new things but all will become clear as the year drags on.


The Scaramanga Six have decided to appear for a few sporadic shows during April and May, often supporting themselves as a double-header. Here is a run-down of forthcoming appearances:

‘An EVILning with The Scaramanga Six’ – special double-set show

SATURDAY 12th APRIL – The Parish, HUDDERSFIELD – ‘Pure Rawk Venue of the Year 2013 winner!’
with Knuckle and The Orchid Family.

with support TBC

FRIDAY 25th APRIL – Brixton Hill Studios, Brixton LONDON
A very special and intimate studio show/party – all welcome, but let us know you are coming!

SATURDAY 17th MAY – The Fox and Newt, LEEDS
‘An EVILning with The Scaramanga Six’ – special double-set show

There are more gigs planned for the summer including one or two festival appearances. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and don’t stop watching this space – ever.


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Phantom Head crushes critics

The results are in from our recent press campaign around the new album, ‘PHANTOM HEAD’ and it seems that we have spanked the bottom of critics and offered a soothing balm to the raw buttocks of our plaudits. What the devil have they been saying, you may ask? Read on….

THE SUN said: “This self-styled evil pop-group persist in producing great albums that demand loudly – to be heard. 4/5”

VIBRATIONS said: “Must surely rank amongst their finest work to date”

SPLIZZ MAGAZINE said: “There are some dark sounding art rock songs that sound like Nick Cave crossed with The Editors”

DROWNED IN SOUND said: “A cult phenomenon of a band known for their thunderous flamboyant style of rock; and a relentless presence in the Leeds rock scene since the mid 90s”

THE QUIETUS said: “Another great album from a band that really deserve a much bigger audience”

LOUDER THAN WAR said: “The guitars are tight, the melodies are memorable and effective and the production is spot on”

PURE RAWK said: “Think bands like Magazine and Wire or even Bowie’s Berlin output with a fixation on death, murder and dystopia and you wouldn’t be far off the mark. Unsettling, but brilliant stuff”

UNPEELED said: “A top notch, modern rock record”

SOUNDSPHERE said: “The Scaramanga Six produce a sound which conveys similarities to The Stranglers at their best and vocals as powerful as Bowie back in the day”

CONTACT MUSIC said: “If you like your music somewhat dark and bizarre, Phantom Head has a great deal to offer you”

COUNTERFEIT MAGAZINE said: “Highly recommended”

ENTERTAINMENT FOCUS said: “After listening to the album, we can safely say that this album is one huge, often sad, dark and angry rant! And it’s something that we love.”

MY DAD ROCKS said: “It’s this kind of touch and skill, in both delivery and recording, that means this album rates highly amongst the swathe of indie rock offerings out recently”

ROOM 13 said: “Eclectic brilliance! 11/13”

BEAT 2 A CHORD said: “Hats off to them”

7 BIT ARCADE said: “While some bands falter with age, and some just fade away, there’s no such fate for the Morricones & Co., who simply go from strength to strength”

SLOUCHER said: “Fuck being subtle”

SOUNDBLAB said: “The album’s energy-levels are frequently manic, and you can positively feel the intelligence of its makers behind the riffs.”

What do you think? Send your comments in a stamped addressed envelope to: The Scaramanga Six Crawly-bumlick competition, PO BOX 66.6and a half, Nempnet Thrubwell. You could win a yacht or something.

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I told you we would tell you how to pre-order our new opus, so here it is. Please use the Paypal button below to pre-order your CD copy of ‘Phantom Head’ or the link to get the digital version through iTUnes – the release date is 01/04/13, but we’ll try to get any pre-orders out to you as soon as we get the merchandise, which may even be before that date.

PRE-ORDER ‘PHANTOM HEAD’ CD album – £10.00 (plus £1 P+P):

PRE-ORDER ‘PHANTOM HEAD’ Digital album through iTunes – £7.99:

We thank you.

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The Scaramanga Six 2013

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Phantom Head is coming…..

It gives us great pleasure to finally announce the release of our new album ‘PHANTOM HEAD’.

For this, our seventh studio album, we decided to make an ambitious pilgrimage to Chicago Illinois to record with the best engineer in the world, Mr Steve Albini (Pixies, Nirvana, PJ Harvey, The Stooges, Shellac etc etc) in his own Electrical Audio studio. To get that authentic ‘Albini sound’, the recordings were all done completely live with minimal overdubs onto 2” tape using all analogue equipment and the bare minimum of post-production. To add further ambition to the project, we decided to bolster our aural assault squad with a second drummer (Stephen Gilchrist) and piano player (Gentleman James Kenosha), making this the first actual 6-piece Scaramanga Six line-up for many years.

Phantom Head will be released on 12” Vinyl, CD and digital formats on 01/04/13 by Wrath Records, with distribution through The Genepool. More details on how to pre-order will follow.

The album will contain 12 brand new tracks – the entire output from our Chicago sessions, and despite the swollen ranks, the resulting recordings will be our most spacious, bleak and intense yet.

To mark this announcement, you can hear a track from the album at the Soundcloud link below courtesy of our PR partners, I Like Press. The song is called ‘Blunt Force Trauma’ – a fast and twitchy affair featuring the double-drummer onslaught and some seriously scratchy guitars with gnarly subject matter that comes on like some kind of fictitious episode of CSI:Huddersfield.

The Scaramanga Six – ‘Blunt Force Trauma’:

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Leeds Empire MS Society benefit gig

A night of awesomeness coming up soon:

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Septembery Greetings

Apologies for the radio silence from the mouthpiece of Huddersfield’s infamous tyrannopop group, THE SCARAMANGA SIX, of recent. We have recoiled and have been languishing like a freshly-fed snake following our strike across the Atlantic for the recording session with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago. Thank you once again to those of you who helped with our appeal to make up the funding shortfall – you have helped to make this reality.

We’ve been meaning to tell you all how it went – the answer is ‘swimmingly’. The entire album plus (and we mean this literally) whistles and bells completely recorded in the space of 5 days. The rough cuts we have straight off the desk thus far are sounding more bleak and immense than we could have ever hoped for. The ambitious attempt of incorporating a second drummer and extra piano-player into the line-up has been successfully realised as all tracks for the album were recorded more-or-less live with Mr Albini’s trademark grit. It’s going to be clattering and intense. A total of 12 new songs have been put out of their misery onto 2” tape. You can find a few dog-eared photos of our adventure on the Six Facebook page here: – and don’t forget to ‘like’ us (if that’s possible) if you haven’t already.

Chicago – now that’s my kind of town. The plan ahead is that Morricones, Paul & Steven will be heading back over there at the start of November to celebrate their joint birthday and spend a further few days mixing the new recordings. The results of our endeavours should start to leak out at the end of this year with a full album release planned for early 2013. How, who, what, when and why will be advised in due course.

In the mean time, we have a handful of public appearances planned – details as ever in ‘appearances’. All in the Yorkshire area I’m afraid, but rest assured we should have some shows further afield in the future to help promote the album – let us know if you can set us up in your manor.

The Scaramanga Six

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Postcards from the Windy City

The Scaramanga Six are currently ensconced in the legendary Electrical Audio studio in Chicago putting together their new magnum opus with Mr Steve Albini.  They have even taken some pictures as evidence, and these are they:

Band in Control Room

The Drum Zone, photographed from a vertiginous height

A giant bell that will be involved in the recording process

The bare bones of all twelve tracks have now been laid down.  Vocals, guitar extras, piano, stylophone, organ and that massive bell are next to be added.  YOU will hear more about the creation of the new album in due course.

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The Scaramanga Six come to you cap-in-hand with a favour to ask. I think you may know where this is leading…..

In our last annoucement, we explained about our drum-twatter, Mr Gareth Champion and his emergency Appendectomy ordeal a few weeks back. His recovery from some serious complications around this was looking good, but then a more rampant infection set in a few days ago that hospitalised him once more, scuppering his ability to join us on the voyage to Chicago which was planned to take place next week.

He’s back on the mend, but as a show of solidarity for our fallen comrade we have decided that it is best to re-schedule the trip to Chicago to record our new album at Electrical Audio Studios to later in the year, rather than proceed with the original booking sans Gareth. It has been a bit of a complex juggling act, but we have found a slot that is feasible for all members of the band, and also the studio (with their brilliantly kind level of understanding and flexibility) in July. This will mean taking an extra hit on the costs of re-arranging flights.

Despite our suave appearance and lavish musical arrangements, it seems that our bank balance doesn’t match the luxurious demeanour of our little band. Pride can be one of the most stubborn and costly of qualities – thus far it has stood us in good stead musically, but it has come to a point with this new album project where we must cast this aside and ask for your help to fund this last logistical aspect. We’re not really in the habit of burdening you, our dear friends, with anything more than the end results of our creative flights-of-fancy and have taken all financial responsibility for previous productions squarely on our own chins. But we must continue with our fiendish plan to delivery to you what we think will be our best long-player to date.

In order to help us with this project, there are a few things you can do:

1. Order any physical copies of our back catalogue direct from our shop on this website:

As you know, we are in the (semi)fortunate position of running our own label, Wrath Records so any influx of sales will be able to be put wholly into the new album project, with no deductions (apart from small Paypal fees of course).

2. Order any digital copies of our back catalogue direct from our Bandcamp page:

3. Simply make a donation to the ‘SIX APPEAL’ by clicking on the Paypal button that appears under this message – the amount is set to £5, so if you want to donate more, then please just multiply the amount of items in the order.

SIX APPEAL Paypal Donation:

What we can offer in return is something we’ve never done on any of our previous albums – a credit in the sleeve notes to thank you. For anyone who donates or purchases our wares to the value of £5 or over, we will gratefully list you in the album credits, where you will appear alongside ourselves and Mr Steve Albini who will be engineering the whole shebang.

We thank you in advance.


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