NEWS - UPDATED 25/02/11

Some new news for you...

Greetings all,

Woo-woo! A high-speed train has arrived from Excitingsville and its heavy laden with a cargo of HOT NEWS concerning the UK’s leading exponents of rock noir, THE SCARAMANGA SIX. Read on......


The Scaramanga Six have deemed it appropriate to release to you a brand new download-only single. Sod all this waiting around nonsense – it’s available RIGHT NOW, and what’s more it’s FREE. That’s right, no money need exchange hands.

‘Autopsy of the Mind’ is taken from the forthcoming new album, ‘CURSED’ but you can also download a second track – ‘If You Were Dead’ which will not feature on the new album.


A popular staple of the live set from the last few years, ‘Autopsy of the Mind’ is one of the Six’s more melodic numbers – a heartbeat bass drum opening followed by some grandiose piano sets the scene for a belting vocal performance from our Paul. As the musical plot unfolds, the band are joined by a lush arrangement of sweeping strings and parping trombones (can you spot the unlikely musical reference?). The subject of song is a grizzly crime scene investigation, but is our sleuth deconstructing a failed relationship or something less metaphorical and altogether more sinister?

‘If You Were Dead’ is actually a re-working of a song from our second demo tape back in 1996. We’ve also given it the symphonic treatment and I trust you’ll agree that it stands up to the modern material – just goes to show that we haven’t really changed that much over the years. Some would call us timeless, others just plain stubborn.

Please fill your boots with this free download and share as much as you like. You have our blessing.



We are very proud to announce the imminent arrival of our SIXTH studio album, ‘CURSED’. The album is the completion of the infamous ‘lost’ album we started with our dear friend Sir Tim Smith before he fell ill. We couldn’t let this wealth of material he’d inspired us to create go amiss so now fully re-recorded and mixed at the wonderful 2Fly Studios in Sheffield by production maestro Alan Smyth (Pulp, Arctic Monkeys, pretty much anyone great from Sheffield), the album has been painstakingly sequenced and mastered to provide the listener with optimum mind-flaying splendour. You’ve done us proud Alan.

To say we’ve gone overboard with this one would probably be an understatement, but then again we are not known for being shrinking violets. It’s the most symphonic album we’ve put together to date. As well as a gargantuan feat of musicality from the band, there are numerous brass and real string arrangements and some musical cameo appearances by NYC oddball troubadour, Thomas Truax and our old mucker Chris Catalyst off of Eureka Machines.

Those of you who have witnessed the live assault over the last few years will recognise quite a few of the tunes on this album. We have also included Tim’s recording of ‘Walking Through Houses’ in the programme – as it was always meant to be. Track list is as follows:

Last Roll of the Dice
Damned if You Don’t, Damned if You Do
Rest in Peace
Walking Through Houses
Autopsy of the Mind
Dark Matter
I Can See a Murder
The Repo Man
Quite the Man About Town
Like an Insect
Spent Force

Lavish album artwork has been commissioned to Kevin Summers (who did ‘The Dance of Death’ & ‘Songs of Prey’) and we think he’s royally come up with the goods once again:


We are scheduled to release this monsterpiece on 26/04/11 (on Wrath Records of course) through all good physical and digital shops but you can pre-order it direct from us RIGHT NOW! To be frank, we need to generate some funds to help pay for the manufacturing/promotion of the album, as well as our penchant for 10-course carriages and horse-drawn banquets. By ordering now, you will be helping us greatly.

The album is priced at £10 (UK)/£11 (overseas) plus P+P and can be ordered through PayPal from our website. If we have them before the release date, so will you!

I thank you.



Once a common beast that roamed the venues and motorways of this country, The Scaramanga Six Live Concert has become decidedly scarce in the wild. Perhaps its preferred habitat is being destroyed or maybe it’s being pushed out by extensive competition from modern and more homogeneous species of bands. Still, there are occasions where it can still be seen in all its magnificence, doing what it does best – voraciously gnawing on the minds of audiences! Some rare sightings to put in your calendars:


FRIDAY 22nd APRIL – The Well, LEEDS (+ Local Girls)

SATURDAY 23rd APRIL – The Wilmington Arms, Clerkenwell, LONDON (+ Local Girls + Dr Vampire)

More sightings to be added soon hopefully.



Finally, some great news that the wonderful album, ‘Leader of the Starry Skies – A Tribute to Tim Smith, Songbook 1’ has not only sold out of its first CD pressing (prompting another run), but is now due for release on luxurious heavy 180g double vinyl format. As before, ALL money made from the sales of this album will go direct to the fund to help in Tim’s continued healthcare.

You can order the vinyl version here:

We are honoured to have our version of Cardiacs hymn-like anthem ‘Home of Fadeless Splendour’ included on this album. All proceeds so far have done wonderful things for Tim – regular complimentary treatment and the purchase of a car which will mean he can leave the hospital for trips out more frequently and with ease.

OK, that’s it for now.








The bust of Steve, 2008.



The bust of Paul, 2008.