Worthless Music – our 10th album OUT NOW!

Music is worthless. We in The Scaramanga Six have known this for a very long time but yet still persist, bloody in mind and nose. Embracing relative obscurity for a more comfortable life. Double, triple and quadruple lives in fact. As irrelevant now as when we first formed back in the mid 90’s. Remaining stoic and resolute.

It has been four years since the release of ‘Chronica’, our previous dystopic long-player that stretched itself like a resting alligator across four sides of vinyl. A great deal has happened since then – our minds and bodies have been tested, finances and sanity stretched. The flaming shopping trolley of life continues to hurtle down the embankment toward the nettles, only this time without a wheel. What have we learned? Sod all, that’s what. Yet somehow, even worthless music is more vital than ever.

We are honoured to bring you ‘WORTHLESS MUSIC’, our 10th long player. A collection of 14 tracks, epic in scope and ambition. This time, we lack a central theme – instead a myriad of subjects: wrestles with conscience, domestic frustration, awake-dreams, drudgery and even fishing drowning dogs out of canals.

Plaudits are starting to make their voices heard on this colossal compendium, for instance:

“They are the greatest band in the world” – non-comital and impartial view from JOYZINE there: https://joyzine.org/2021/11/30/album-review-the-scaramanga-six-worthless-music/?fbclid=IwAR1J_mxj0gN7ryQRgJ6872hpmGmfn2hZ4ZdgtECjLnG5rjcb3a76ZrFPcUU

“Music to quite fancy” says CLASSIC ROCK Magazine with 7/10 rating (which everyone knows is more like a 9 or 10 for a band with no advertising budget).

More to come, we’re sure.

We would like to pass on our sincerest enormo-thanks to every one of you who has pre-ordered or acquired the album thus far – the response has been wonderful. For those of you yet to taste, may we point you firstly towards the fantastic BandCamp platform (where at the time of writing it also coincidentally happens to be BandCamp Friday where they drop all their fees and all monies go direct to the artists) to be able to get it in either digital or physical format:


I mean, just take a look at the sheer quality of our package:

You can also buy direct from our website here: https://www.thescaramangasix.co.uk/new/?page_id=16

As well as all the usual digital and online retailers.

We sincerely hope this release brings you some level of comfort in these strangest of times.



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