The Scaramanga Six come to you cap-in-hand with a favour to ask. I think you may know where this is leading…..

In our last annoucement, we explained about our drum-twatter, Mr Gareth Champion and his emergency Appendectomy ordeal a few weeks back. His recovery from some serious complications around this was looking good, but then a more rampant infection set in a few days ago that hospitalised him once more, scuppering his ability to join us on the voyage to Chicago which was planned to take place next week.

He’s back on the mend, but as a show of solidarity for our fallen comrade we have decided that it is best to re-schedule the trip to Chicago to record our new album at Electrical Audio Studios to later in the year, rather than proceed with the original booking sans Gareth. It has been a bit of a complex juggling act, but we have found a slot that is feasible for all members of the band, and also the studio (with their brilliantly kind level of understanding and flexibility) in July. This will mean taking an extra hit on the costs of re-arranging flights.

Despite our suave appearance and lavish musical arrangements, it seems that our bank balance doesn’t match the luxurious demeanour of our little band. Pride can be one of the most stubborn and costly of qualities – thus far it has stood us in good stead musically, but it has come to a point with this new album project where we must cast this aside and ask for your help to fund this last logistical aspect. We’re not really in the habit of burdening you, our dear friends, with anything more than the end results of our creative flights-of-fancy and have taken all financial responsibility for previous productions squarely on our own chins. But we must continue with our fiendish plan to delivery to you what we think will be our best long-player to date.

In order to help us with this project, there are a few things you can do:

1. Order any physical copies of our back catalogue direct from our shop on this website:

As you know, we are in the (semi)fortunate position of running our own label, Wrath Records so any influx of sales will be able to be put wholly into the new album project, with no deductions (apart from small Paypal fees of course).

2. Order any digital copies of our back catalogue direct from our Bandcamp page:

3. Simply make a donation to the ‘SIX APPEAL’ by clicking on the Paypal button that appears under this message – the amount is set to £5, so if you want to donate more, then please just multiply the amount of items in the order.

SIX APPEAL Paypal Donation:

What we can offer in return is something we’ve never done on any of our previous albums – a credit in the sleeve notes to thank you. For anyone who donates or purchases our wares to the value of £5 or over, we will gratefully list you in the album credits, where you will appear alongside ourselves and Mr Steve Albini who will be engineering the whole shebang.

We thank you in advance.


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