Scenes of Mild Peril – OUT NOW

We bring you news of a brand new release by the band who torture from Yorkshire. While we’ve been busy beavering away on the next studio album, we have compiled a CD & DVD 2-disc set featuring 14 songs in both audio and visual format made from a pair of ‘in the studio’ live performances at Bridlington in Jan 2013 & London in April 2014.

Those of you familiar with the ‘Hot Flesh Rumble’ CD from a few years ago will know the score – a set of material that spans recent and older albums all performed with vim & vigour, warts & all. ‘Scenes of Mild Peril’ contains the first airing of 4 brand new songs amongst this arsenal of tunes, which may ultimately appear in more sophisticated form on the forthcoming studio album.

Go to our shop page to get your grubby mitts on a copy of the highly limited release.


1. The Stepford Bands
2. You Should Have Killed Me When You Had the Chance
3. Missing
4. Blunt Force Trauma
5. The Man Who Couldn’t Sing
6. Arabella
7. Seven Chances
8. I Can See a Murder
9. I Didn’t Get Where I am Today
10. Misadventure
11. Unclean
12. Pulling Teeth From a Phantom Head
13. I am the Rain
14. It’s Just a Matter of Time

This is actually The Scaramanga Six’s first foray into DVD release – there may be a video anthology released at some point in the near future, so keep your eye peeled and your ears pricked. It won’t work the other way round.

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