It is with great excitement and aplomb that we, THE SCARAMANGA SIX, in our twentieth year of existence can announce a plethora of brand new releases for 2015. Following a year of feverish recording sessions and creative mind-bending there now exists a rich glut of fresh new songs almost ready for your aural pleasure.

We can now reveal that our eighth studio album will be entitled ‘THE TERRIFYING DREAM’. This will be immediate and expansive at the same time, full of colour and arrangement all housed within dramatic pop sensibilities. Songs about the distortion of reality that are dreams and things that go bump in the night. Ever woken to find yourself transformed into a gigantic beetle? This is the album for you.

Prior to the long-player, a series of three EPs will also be released one after the other continuing on the same sleep-deprived theme. The first EP will be entitled ‘THE EYE AND SKIN MACHINE’ named after a recurring childhood nightmare suffered by Paul where he is chased by a revolving ball of flesh intent on absorbing him. EP no.2 will recall a similar infant dream that plagued the young Julia and will be named simply ‘WORM NECKLACE’. The final EP of the trilogy will urge the listener to snap back into reality and will be titled ‘THE SLEEPER MUST AWAKEN’.

All releases will be available through our very first PLEDGE campaign. You can help directly fund the release of our new album and EPs as well as gain access to new T-Shirts, freebies, a DVD compilation, great bundles of the back catalogue and a few surprise offerings. You can pledge your support to The Six in many ways and will become rich, not least with our undying thankfulness. Full details of what’s on offer will appear once the pledge campaign goes live on 01/03/15.

Full Schedule of releases:

01/03/15 – Pledge Campaign launches

13/03/15 – ‘THE EYE AND SKIN MACHINE’ EP released
13/04/15 – ‘WORM NECKLACE’ EP released
13/05/15 – ‘THE SLEEPER MUST AWAKEN’ EP released

13/06/15 – ‘THE TERRIFYING DREAM’ Album released

We thank you in advance for the undying support you show to the persistent noise mongering that is The Scaramanga Six. Through all things life throws at you one thing is apparent – rock and roll is the winner.

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