A slew of northern dates this coming winter…

Hey folks, 
We are once again appearing up around the north of England this coming November/December. Here are the dates:

Friday 24th November – The Grove, Leeds
Saturday 25th November – Vinyl Tap, Preston
Friday 8th December – 1 in 12 Club, Bradford
Saturday 9th December – Puzzle Hall, Sowerby Bridge

A quick word on how it all works for us in getting gigs. We do this in our spare time. In our normal lives we run businesses, have families and generally do lots of juggling. We are also spread around the country. We have a stark choice with what time we collectively have left, which is very little. Either we plot some time for the odd get-together and rehearsal, or get some dates in for recording our next release, or we try and get our diaries lined up for a few weekends to do gigs. Strategic weekends seem to work with a few months notice. We don’t have a booking agent and approaching any venue we’ve never played before is akin to cold-calling. Luckily, we’ve built up some wonderful relationships with other bands, venues and promoters in various places through the years and this occasionally means we get to play gigs in places where people want us to play. There’s no rhyme or reason to this, but suffice it to say, we dearly love playing and gladly do so whenever we can wherever we are asked. So you’ll probably guess that pulling together a couple of weekends of gigs in and around Yorkshire where the majority of us live is going to be easier than a Wednesday night in the South East where four of us would have to schedule two days off from our day jobs. We are always open to playing and love gigging more than anything else in the world. So if you’d like us to appear some time near you, maybe you know a promoter at a venue you would like to hook us up with who wants to take a chance on a little old band that make a total racket one weekend. 

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Winter gigs 2022/23

We are back and ready to make a racket at the following places:

Friday 4th Nov 22 – Vinyl Tap, Preston
Saturday 5th Nov 22 – The Grove, Leeds
Friday 9th Dec 22 – The Parish, Huddersfield
Saturday 10th Dec 22 – The Puzzle Hall, Sowerby Bridge
Saturday 21st Jan 23 – Bannerman’s, Edinburgh
Saturday 11th Feb 23 – Le Pub, Newport
Saturday 25th Feb 23 – The Golden Lion, Bristol

See the appearances page for ticket links. More gigs to be added soon too – hopefully a few down south.

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Sartorial Elegance

People have been asking us for new t-shirts for a little while now. You spoke – and we listened. Then we decided to do something about it.

From now, you can find a new selection of t-shirts to add to your wardrobe in a variety of colours and sizes. Choose from two different designs – one featuring a large and very cool octopus and the other with some funny-looking bats.

Go to our shop page or thescaramangasix.bandcamp.com/merch and behold their sartorial glory.

Those of you who have already purchased one (or two) of our new garments are already displaying their elegance in pictures cropping up. We’d love to see more of how these look adorned on your persons – why not send us a picture on Instagram or Facebook:


We are back in gig action for those in the South West and Wales in April along with Stephen Evens Band. Thursday 21st April at Le Pub, Newport and Friday 22nd April at Ill Repute, Bristol. Tickets are available on the appearances page.

Take care in the storms,
The Scaramanga Six

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Gigs rescheduled!

The Newport and Bristol shows postponed in December have now been rescheduled. Please go to our appearances page for ticket links!

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Gigs Postponed – an announcement

It is with great reluctance that we have taken the decision to postpone the remaining gigs in December 2021 in Newport and Bristol on the 17th and 18th December. These will definitely be rescheduled for 2022 and we will let you all know once we have new dates.

Please understand that no-one wants to rock more than we do, especially given the long wait in returning to live performances. We know that this will be disappointing news for those who have made plans and can only apologise in hope that you’ll bear with us through the escalation of the pandemic.

As things stand, our shows in January and February 2022 remain ON. We must in the short term decide on the more cautious route over these coming weeks through Christmas. Please enjoy yourselves over this festive period and take care.

Paul, Steve, Julia & Gareth x x x

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Worthless Music – our 10th album OUT NOW!

Music is worthless. We in The Scaramanga Six have known this for a very long time but yet still persist, bloody in mind and nose. Embracing relative obscurity for a more comfortable life. Double, triple and quadruple lives in fact. As irrelevant now as when we first formed back in the mid 90’s. Remaining stoic and resolute.

It has been four years since the release of ‘Chronica’, our previous dystopic long-player that stretched itself like a resting alligator across four sides of vinyl. A great deal has happened since then – our minds and bodies have been tested, finances and sanity stretched. The flaming shopping trolley of life continues to hurtle down the embankment toward the nettles, only this time without a wheel. What have we learned? Sod all, that’s what. Yet somehow, even worthless music is more vital than ever.

We are honoured to bring you ‘WORTHLESS MUSIC’, our 10th long player. A collection of 14 tracks, epic in scope and ambition. This time, we lack a central theme – instead a myriad of subjects: wrestles with conscience, domestic frustration, awake-dreams, drudgery and even fishing drowning dogs out of canals.

Plaudits are starting to make their voices heard on this colossal compendium, for instance:

“They are the greatest band in the world” – non-comital and impartial view from JOYZINE there: https://joyzine.org/2021/11/30/album-review-the-scaramanga-six-worthless-music/?fbclid=IwAR1J_mxj0gN7ryQRgJ6872hpmGmfn2hZ4ZdgtECjLnG5rjcb3a76ZrFPcUU

“Music to quite fancy” says CLASSIC ROCK Magazine with 7/10 rating (which everyone knows is more like a 9 or 10 for a band with no advertising budget).

More to come, we’re sure.

We would like to pass on our sincerest enormo-thanks to every one of you who has pre-ordered or acquired the album thus far – the response has been wonderful. For those of you yet to taste, may we point you firstly towards the fantastic BandCamp platform (where at the time of writing it also coincidentally happens to be BandCamp Friday where they drop all their fees and all monies go direct to the artists) to be able to get it in either digital or physical format:


I mean, just take a look at the sheer quality of our package:

You can also buy direct from our website here: https://www.thescaramangasix.co.uk/new/?page_id=16

As well as all the usual digital and online retailers.

We sincerely hope this release brings you some level of comfort in these strangest of times.



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Gigs – Winter 2021/2022

We are doing some dates with chums Stephen Evens Band this winter to push our new long-player WORTHLESS MUSIC. Go to our appearances page for tickets…

10th Dec – Puzzle Hall, Sowerby Bridge
11th Dec – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
17th Dec – Le Pub, Newport
18th Dec – The Exchange (Basement), Bristol
14th Jan – The Parish, Huddersfield
15th Jan – Vinyl Tap, Preston
12th Feb – The Smokehouse, Ipswich
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New Single – An Error Occurred

We have just released the second of a barrage of new singles from our forthcoming album Worthless Music. This track is ‘An Error Occurred’ which is out from September 10th 2021. You can get the digital release and have a listen to it here:


Ever found yourself in a kitchen sink drama all about the contents of your kitchen sink? This is the soundtrack to it.

Here’s the video.

Recorded and mixed at 2Fly Studios, Sheffield by Lord Alan Smyth.

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Gig cancellations

It is with great regret that The Scaramanga Six will not be appearing at the gigs on the weekend of the 31st July/1st August. We have taken the decision to pull out much to our immense disappointment.
Although lockdown restrictions have been lifted and many people want to get back to the joy of full scale live gigs, for personal and family reasons we have had to take a more cautious approach as the pandemic is not yet at the stage that we had hoped it would be. We can only apologise for leaving it so close to the shows for our withdrawal and feel really guilty for letting down anyone who has planned to come to each gig especially to see us.
The events are still on, with great line-ups and we will be looking to reschedule for later on this year as we hopefully move away from the throes of the pandemic.
Much love, The Scaramanga Six x x x
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New single – Horse With No Face

We are about to release the first of a slew of new singles from our forthcoming album Worthless Music. The first track is ‘Horse With No Face’ which will be out on July 30th 2021. You can pre-order the digital release and have a listen to it here:


What’s it about? Nothing. You find yourself sat atop a beast with no brakes and no means of control. Aimless, faceless and unable to stop, you bound on relentlessly.

This track was recorded and mixed at 2Fly Studios, Sheffield by Lord Alan Smyth, our regular partner in musical crime. An ace video is to come too shortly…

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