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Greetings to you,

I see you have stumbled across our brand new website. Well done you. We’ve been undergoing a massive online overhaul for the last few months with the invaluable help from our good friend Mr Damo Tichborne, for whom we owe a ton of thankyous.

This new site ties up loads of loose ends – more music, videos, pictures and history than ever before on the band that torture from Yorkshire. A lot more opera-tunity for you good people to feedback and get in touch with this new WordPress-based format too, so don’t be shy now…

We’re having a little bit of a quiet time at the moment with gigs and things – watch this space for announcements though. There will be some tour dates over in Scandinavia and beyond, more UK dates, single campaigns, stunning new videos etc. We’re also starting work on a barrage of mind-flaying new material for the next album, which we intend to record in a very exciting manner early next year – just you wait! Myself and Paul are currently flat out with our other band, Being 747, who tour schools, science festivals and other events with the natural history musical show, ‘Amoeba to Zebra’, but that’s another story…

Speaking of gigs – if you fancy a fix of the Six around your manor in the future, drop us a line. We really only do shows when people ask us these days – always better to be wanted than to try and appease some crappy tick-in-the-box showcase venue.

Happy hunting – Steve of the Six

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