‘Trouble’ new single/video

Greetings all,

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the immediate release of a new single by the UK’s most prolific and consistent underground rock band, THE SCARAMANGA SIX. Taken from our current album, ‘Cursed’, we have selected a song which has been a staple of our furious live set for some time. So, do you want trouble?

Well, you’re going to get TROUBLE!

‘Trouble’ is a 4-minute rock & roll rampage that incorporates a full brass-section into the band’s already dense sound. ‘Over-the-top’ is probably understating it somewhat – definitely not a theme tune for the dour or joyless. Despite the initially aggressive tone to the lyrics, the song is actually a word of warning to those who attract carnage. To quote an old Chinese proverb, ‘The sparrow never lands where the tiger roams’

The release is backed by our version of the Cardiacs classic song, ‘Everything Is Easy’, which was recently included on the very limited edition loyal companion album to ‘Leader of the Starry Skies: A Tribute to Tim Smith’. We were honoured to be asked to contribute to this marvellous project and would encourage you to get hold of the main album NOW if you haven’t already done so.

The single is available RIGHT NOW as a ‘pay what you like’ download on our Bandcamp site here:


All proceeds from this release will go directly to help our good friend and mentor, Tim Smith, on his continued path to recovery, so please dig deep.

The single release is also accompanied by the completion of a glam-tastic new POP VIDEO. Follow these links and you will be greeted by possibly the most ridiculous visual spectacular ever to be put to one of our songs, all courtesy of our very own Paul Morricone on direction duties. Watch it right now here – you will not believe your own eyes:





We would like to thank our video stars, Maria Millionaire, Gisele Batrice, Pixie Munroe & Belle Rouge for a truly ferocious performance. Also, the crew on the shoot: Chris Brearley, Ben Daure & Phil Whitehead.

One final thing – we rely on the support of you, our friends and Sixophants, to help spread the word about our deeds. Please feel free to share, forward and post news of this single/video on any site or network you can. We really appreciate the support and hope to reward you with even more relentless evil pop in the future.

OK, enjoy!

Sincere regards,


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