Septembery Greetings

Apologies for the radio silence from the mouthpiece of Huddersfield’s infamous tyrannopop group, THE SCARAMANGA SIX, of recent. We have recoiled and have been languishing like a freshly-fed snake following our strike across the Atlantic for the recording session with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago. Thank you once again to those of you who helped with our appeal to make up the funding shortfall – you have helped to make this reality.

We’ve been meaning to tell you all how it went – the answer is ‘swimmingly’. The entire album plus (and we mean this literally) whistles and bells completely recorded in the space of 5 days. The rough cuts we have straight off the desk thus far are sounding more bleak and immense than we could have ever hoped for. The ambitious attempt of incorporating a second drummer and extra piano-player into the line-up has been successfully realised as all tracks for the album were recorded more-or-less live with Mr Albini’s trademark grit. It’s going to be clattering and intense. A total of 12 new songs have been put out of their misery onto 2” tape. You can find a few dog-eared photos of our adventure on the Six Facebook page here: – and don’t forget to ‘like’ us (if that’s possible) if you haven’t already.

Chicago – now that’s my kind of town. The plan ahead is that Morricones, Paul & Steven will be heading back over there at the start of November to celebrate their joint birthday and spend a further few days mixing the new recordings. The results of our endeavours should start to leak out at the end of this year with a full album release planned for early 2013. How, who, what, when and why will be advised in due course.

In the mean time, we have a handful of public appearances planned – details as ever in ‘appearances’. All in the Yorkshire area I’m afraid, but rest assured we should have some shows further afield in the future to help promote the album – let us know if you can set us up in your manor.

The Scaramanga Six

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