Phantom Head is coming…..

It gives us great pleasure to finally announce the release of our new album ‘PHANTOM HEAD’.

For this, our seventh studio album, we decided to make an ambitious pilgrimage to Chicago Illinois to record with the best engineer in the world, Mr Steve Albini (Pixies, Nirvana, PJ Harvey, The Stooges, Shellac etc etc) in his own Electrical Audio studio. To get that authentic ‘Albini sound’, the recordings were all done completely live with minimal overdubs onto 2” tape using all analogue equipment and the bare minimum of post-production. To add further ambition to the project, we decided to bolster our aural assault squad with a second drummer (Stephen Gilchrist) and piano player (Gentleman James Kenosha), making this the first actual 6-piece Scaramanga Six line-up for many years.

Phantom Head will be released on 12” Vinyl, CD and digital formats on 01/04/13 by Wrath Records, with distribution through The Genepool. More details on how to pre-order will follow.

The album will contain 12 brand new tracks – the entire output from our Chicago sessions, and despite the swollen ranks, the resulting recordings will be our most spacious, bleak and intense yet.

To mark this announcement, you can hear a track from the album at the Soundcloud link below courtesy of our PR partners, I Like Press. The song is called ‘Blunt Force Trauma’ – a fast and twitchy affair featuring the double-drummer onslaught and some seriously scratchy guitars with gnarly subject matter that comes on like some kind of fictitious episode of CSI:Huddersfield.

The Scaramanga Six – ‘Blunt Force Trauma’:

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