Phantom Head crushes critics

The results are in from our recent press campaign around the new album, ‘PHANTOM HEAD’ and it seems that we have spanked the bottom of critics and offered a soothing balm to the raw buttocks of our plaudits. What the devil have they been saying, you may ask? Read on….

THE SUN said: “This self-styled evil pop-group persist in producing great albums that demand loudly – to be heard. 4/5”

VIBRATIONS said: “Must surely rank amongst their finest work to date”

SPLIZZ MAGAZINE said: “There are some dark sounding art rock songs that sound like Nick Cave crossed with The Editors”

DROWNED IN SOUND said: “A cult phenomenon of a band known for their thunderous flamboyant style of rock; and a relentless presence in the Leeds rock scene since the mid 90s”

THE QUIETUS said: “Another great album from a band that really deserve a much bigger audience”

LOUDER THAN WAR said: “The guitars are tight, the melodies are memorable and effective and the production is spot on”

PURE RAWK said: “Think bands like Magazine and Wire or even Bowie’s Berlin output with a fixation on death, murder and dystopia and you wouldn’t be far off the mark. Unsettling, but brilliant stuff”

UNPEELED said: “A top notch, modern rock record”

SOUNDSPHERE said: “The Scaramanga Six produce a sound which conveys similarities to The Stranglers at their best and vocals as powerful as Bowie back in the day”

CONTACT MUSIC said: “If you like your music somewhat dark and bizarre, Phantom Head has a great deal to offer you”

COUNTERFEIT MAGAZINE said: “Highly recommended”

ENTERTAINMENT FOCUS said: “After listening to the album, we can safely say that this album is one huge, often sad, dark and angry rant! And it’s something that we love.”

MY DAD ROCKS said: “It’s this kind of touch and skill, in both delivery and recording, that means this album rates highly amongst the swathe of indie rock offerings out recently”

ROOM 13 said: “Eclectic brilliance! 11/13”

BEAT 2 A CHORD said: “Hats off to them”

7 BIT ARCADE said: “While some bands falter with age, and some just fade away, there’s no such fate for the Morricones & Co., who simply go from strength to strength”

SLOUCHER said: “Fuck being subtle”

SOUNDBLAB said: “The album’s energy-levels are frequently manic, and you can positively feel the intelligence of its makers behind the riffs.”

What do you think? Send your comments in a stamped addressed envelope to: The Scaramanga Six Crawly-bumlick competition, PO BOX 66.6and a half, Nempnet Thrubwell. You could win a yacht or something.

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