PledgeMusic update/Pure Rawk victory

We come bearing some excellent news….

First of all, an update on the PledgeMusic campaign for the funding of our brand new album & accompanying EP releases over the next few months. The big news is that down to YOUR support, we managed to hit 100% of our funding target within only 16hrs of the Pledge campaign starting at 00:00 on the 1st of March.

To say that we were overwhelmed by the response is an understatement. This is a huge vote of confidence for us and the faith you have shown in our little pop group is both humbling and invigorating. In this, our twentieth year, we are rejuvenated and more willing to rock than ever before. In real terms, this means that we are now completely able to honour our commitments and promises – we have secured enough funding to pay for the rest of the recording/mixing/mastering as well as the manufacturing for the CD releases, T-shirts and DVDs.

But it doesn’t stop here – it’s actually early days for the campaign. The album release is not due until the middle of June – until then, we are continuing to accept your pledges. The more we can raise, the more justice we can do this album release with promotion etc, and it may also enable us to add further exclusives to the pot. It is also important to remember that this album (and all the other exclusives) will not be available through more traditional channels (shops, iTunes, our website etc) until long after all our Pledges have been delivered. Exclusive means exclusive – that is how this exciting PledgeMusic platform works.

If you have already added your pledge, we offer you our sincerest gratitude. For those of you yet to investigate this, here is a reminder where you need to go:

Delivery of the first EP release, ‘The Eye & Skin Machine’, will commence in the next couple of weeks. This first release will include four exciting new tracks:

1. Out Of My Tiny Mind
2. Rule of Thumb
3. Lukewarm
4. Pulling Teeth From a Phantom Head

We’ve made a Paul-tastic new promo video for the lead track to enable you to get a juicy taste of our finished new material:

The second piece of good news is our success at the PURE RAWK Awards, which took place in London last Friday evening. Again, down to YOUR wonderful support, we managed to scoop two out of the three awards in which we were nominated. We were the dumbfounded and gracious winners of:

‘AXE HERO OF THE YEAR’ – for Paul Morricone
‘VIDEO OF THE YEAR’ – For ‘I Will Crush Your Heart’

The full list of winners can be found here:

There was certainly a dominance of the whole thing by artists from our home region of West Yorkshire too, with multiple wins in other categories by our contemporaries Eureka Machines & Tropical Contract and Mikey Shiraz from the mighty Parish venue in Huddersfield. So, a great year for Yorkshire it seems.

The only thing that gives us as much satisfaction as rock action, is the ability to deliver GOOD NEWS to you. Long may it continue. We called for your allegiance and YOU rallied to our cause like a Game of Thrones style army.

We thank you once more,


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