The Scaramanga Six are a flaming ball of fury. A tight-knit
organisation, every one of these desperate individuals is hell-bent on assaulting the ears of the unsuspecting with intensive rock and roll music.

The Scaramanga Six is the brainchild of headstrong siblings Paul and Steven Morricone. Not in any way like your conventional mindless rock-star filth, The Morricone brothers appear more like a pair of polite and softly-spoken, yet viciously intense and sadistic nightclub bouncers. Raised in the Westcountry seaside resort of Weston-Super-Mare on an education of Stranglers records (by older brothers) and Tony Bennett records (by their Mum), the young Morricone twins discovered there was much fun to be had in crooning and shouting in equal measures. In the latter part of the Nineties THE SCARAMANGA SIX had become a brutal and startling reality amongst an endless torrent of boring mediocrity. The scene was set a new backdrop of the drizzly Yorkshire town of Huddersfield, a penchant for deafening noise and easy listening composers, They played frantic gigs around the north of England to harden themselves, where they would go onstage in dark suits and stare the audience out in silence for the length of a cigarette before starting the set.

Huge respect and fervent support from the underground press and many snippets of juicy press coverage from the mainstream too over the last couple of years, as well as regular radio play from the likes of Huw Stephens on Radio 1 and Marc Riley/Vic McGlynn on BBC 6Music. Get your chops around these recent quotes: As we tiptoe graciously through all the wannabe Libertines and second-rate U2s to find something genuinely original, unique and inspiring, it seems dear old Leeds has come up with the goods again - the intense-yet-aloof rock operas of The Scaramanga Six could be its most omnipotent discovery yet. Dom Gourlay, DROWNEDINSOUND Rarely does such disregard for the basic principles of songwriting provide such exhilerating results Victoria Durham, ROCK SOUND Cabin Fever - It kicks and screams right in your face and then beats you up even more with a few punches and headbutts until everywhere is a bloody mess. Youll get over it and want to go another round. Recommended. Neil Daniels, POWER PLAY The Scaramanga Six are one of the most exciting bands making noise in Leeds at the moment Karl Cremin, THE FLY A group at the height of considerable powers, yet working entirely outside the indie scene, let alone the actual industry. The Scaramanga Six wear the outsider costume well and exude a mafia-like family vibe, alongside awesome self-confidence. The Six never let you forget, even for a second, that they know EXACTLY what they're doing. Toby Jarvis, DROWNED IN SOUND These individuals may just as well have met in an asylum - their tunes twist and turn with guitar eccentricities and lunatic Moog injections, and are as raw as scraping your knuckles on a cheese-grater - this is retro-rock with panache! Ronnie Kerswell, ROCK SOUND Chunks of brutal rocknroll hammer through your temples with all the desperation of a 47 year-old virgin in the back of a knocking shop. Excellent stuff. Matt Brown, LOGO MAGAZINE B-movie chic combined with real musical muscle. Essi Berelian, KERRANG! Not just one of the best and most timely underground rock bands in Britain, but also one of the most formidable. Dan Chinn, THE ORGAN SOULFUL AND subtle, yet also adventurous and abrasive, Huddersfield's The Scaramanga Six possess all the makings of a classic band. KKKK James Sherry, KERRANG! deliciously sinister stuff, but this lot still manage to keep it as raw as trapping yourself in your flies. Noise seems to be all the rage nowadays, and this band serves it up in a big fuck-off ladle. Ricky Cheung, GLASSWERK If you're looking for an easy listen, best go elsewhere. Scaramanga Six are one of those skewed bands who, though drawing upon well-known influences, can't help but come up with something new. Scaramanga Six play the devil's music--wild, abandoned and decadent. Dominic Wills, AMAZON.co.uk These gospel tinged punk/rock and roll songs beat the hell out of any amphetamine based rush I've indulged in, the energy tangible even through my redundant discman headphones. Join the flock son, you will be saved! Johnathan Sebire, JOYZINE one of the most viscerally exciting things this reviewer has heard for yonks - murderous, piledriving rock action we've come to expect from this stupidly under-rated band Tim Peacock, WHISPERIN&HOLLERIN The Scaramanga Six have turned it on for Cabin Fever. Every knob in the house has been super-glued onto 11. Every fader is jammed open with pencils & chewing gum. The engineer had his children kidnapped during the recording sessions & they were only returned to him once the desired levels of intensity had been effectively stitched into the sound. The Scaramanga Six have talent, taste & humour in spades all they need now is your patronage. Marquee Smith, TRAKMARX Cabin Fever makes you laugh, stroke your imaginary goatee, dance like a frog on E and shit your pants in one hearing. Name one Dylan album that does that Neil Condron, GIGWISE Though much of Cabin Fever rocks like a bear with a sore head, theres an underlying sinister element which you just cant lay your finger on. Like that next door neighbour you had that would puncture your footballs but was perfectly pleasant to your parents, its schizophrenic stuff. Kristian Barford, TELETEXT Cabin Fever is simply one of this years must have albums. Not "must have" albums like those ones in the HMV sale, I mean MUST HAVE. Buy it. Andy, INDIGO FLOW



We're not going to draw any lazy comparisons here - The Scaramanga Six do not rock by association. The only thing worn on the sleeves of this band are gaudy cufflinks. Whatever it is The Six turn their hand to, it's got to be flamboyant and colourful, self-assured and passionate,
brutal and arrogant. Their love of dynamics and dramatic tension stirs them to create brilliant moments of songwriting in the classic British tradition, yet underpinned by a relentless barrage of sonic terror. The sound generally consists of raucously riff-licious guitar, lung-busting vocal acrobatics, bowel-growling bass, succulent slabs of Hammond, frantic drumskin torture - all mashed up together and captured within perfectly dark and discordant pop songs. The lyrical content is intelligent, contentious, intriguing and seething. The hooks in their songs will stick into you so far, that you will have no choice but to be reeled in, gutted and battered like a haddock. Resistance will only make the hooks go deeper. You must let it happen. One taste of this chaotic and intimidating group, whether it be live or on record, and you'll see why 'the band who torture from Yorkshire' are so blindly committed to their cause.


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